A Feeling EP

by Yung Skrrt

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whats what when u got a feeling?

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released September 8, 2016

Tracks 1, 3, 4: Produced by Drainpuppet

Track 2: Produced by Holly



all rights reserved


Yung Skrrt Los Angeles, California

anti lingual futurist

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Track Name: A Feeling (Prod. Drainpuppet)
what’s what when u got a feeling?
try to grab it but I can’t see it
what’s what when u got a feeling?
try to catch up but u can’t achieve it

errybody would normally bang w the thang
10000 kicks up like-a my name Jackie Chan
errythang easy when u livin out of shame
don’t be ashamed just go ahead and play the game
eeny miny mo and imma shut em down
countin the tiger toe ayatollah now
patent the finger roll then I flow it out
buckets on buckets I hope u keepin count
when u got a feelin aint nothing they can tell ya
if u gotta go across the ocean then just sail, yea
if I feel like it absorb u androids like cell, yea
reachin final form every single fuckin day, yea
Drainpuppet on the beat
tryna top our thang that’s a heavy fuckin feat
too easy to go to sleep
tryna catch a feelin u gon feel it in yr feet


let yourself go for me one time
stop thinkin bout the consequences on the line
keep goin till everything feel right
no rush, no rush it will all come in time
bend your mind, experimentation make anything shine
aint no limit but the limit of the sky
every single one of us was meant to fly
that a bird or a plane nah nah u know its yung skrrt
never fuckin stoppin always goin back to work
stayin on computer all day my eyes hurt
never gonna quit til im absolutely sure
I am an animal Wolverine caution cause imma be goin berserk
talkin to Jean Grey u know she talk back yea she flirt
whippin out my claws if u come at me im assumin that u lackin
I aint never slackin, always put in practice
I aint got religion, no Christian, I aint no Baptist
but I got that feelin u know that I get it crackin
errything I do u know that the vision matchin

Track Name: Beggar (Prod. Holly)
beggin for another way out of this hole tonight, ya
beggin for another way out of this hole tonight, ya
beggin for another way out of this hole tonight, ya
beggin for another way out, beggin for another way

I’ll just lay my head in this hole for one more night, ya
I could tell you everything I know about myself in one night, ya
got a lot to learn with no time to burn, hate me outta spit, yuh
what does anything mean if im not with you?
all my colors shift to blue
everything you say stick like glue
dedicate my whole life to the stu
getting so fkin tired of this room
need to get out, but there aint nothing left that I care about
ever since you left I’m wearin out
seen your picture I cant bear it now


underwater, I cant breathe
I’ll come up if you let me
no more air, im drowning
I’ll come up if you let me
I been in the past too long
is there something wrong
run away from me from dusk till dawn
I have tried to meet you but connections gone
I just hope you’ll sing my song
ya, im lost now
ya, so deep down
ya, call me now
ya, I need a way out

Track Name: Come Around (Prod. Drainpuppet)
when I come around I won’t play it safe and sound
when I come around you better not be feelin down
when I come around I won’t have to scream and shout
when I come around you’ll know

philosophical like Plato with Play-doh
we just tryna take it where they say we can’t go
who wanna bet I stay dry without a raincoat
ridin this wave I won’t stop till I say so
imma achieve all the feats
walkin around w/ my feet
everything I do is heat
I will not stop till complete
all of you hidin in sheets
one day you’re gonna believe, believe

when I know that u are with me
that’s when I’ll dive into you completely
deep end, shallow, it don’t matter im here now
there’s nothing to fear now


you speak, I speak
we need some sympathy
you speak, and I speak
we need some sympathy

risk it all, it all for me
can you see, I’m in the deep
I want to retreat
but you can’t assume my needs

Track Name: In & Out (Prod. Drainpuppet)
breathe in, breathe out
breathe in, breathe out
breathe in, breathe out
breathe in, breathe out
im passin out
im passin out
im passin out, yea
oh, im passin out

you got me breathless
never had to resist
girl, what’s your interests?
can we make this make sense?
don’t feel no distress
it’s up to u but I don’t want no mistress
I need you to myself
myself and me alone
but only if you down
do you wanna see me around?
my breath won’t make a sound
I cannot breathe, I cannot speak
I cannot


hold up, where am i?
never been to this place in my life
but I wake up first thing I see is your eyes
now I’m alright, cause you’re right here by my side, yeah
I could’ve died, but I’ve never felt more alive
now I need it every day
need to see you any which way
I’ll change what I have to to get you to stay
wait, you’ve already gone away
oh… you’ve already gone away
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
I cannot